Eurovision Song Contest 2014
User Andro Putranto
Host Flag of Denmark Denmark
Winner Flag of Sweden "Undo"
Andro Putranto
◄2013 Eurovision Heart 2015►

Top 37

Rank Country
01 Flag of Sweden Sweden
02 Flag of United Kingdom United Kingdom
03 Flag of Romania Romania
04 Flag of Spain Spain
05 Flag of Ukraine Ukraine
06 Flag of Estonia Estonia
07 Flag of Armenia Armenia
08 Flag of Azerbaijan Azerbaijan
09 Flag of Switzerland Switzerland
10 Flag of Italy Italy
11 Flag of Greece Greece
12 Flag of Hungary Hungary
13 Flag of Norway Norway
14 Flag of Poland Poland
15 Flag of Israel Israel
16 Flag of Slovenia Slovenia
17 Flag of Netherlands Netherlands
18 Flag of Austria Austria
19 Flag of Montenegro Montenegro
20 Flag of Germany Germany
21 Flag of Ireland Ireland
22 Flag of Belarus Belarus
23 Flag of San Marino San Marino
24 Flag of Denmark Denmark
25 Flag of Finland Finland
26 Flag of Malta Malta
27 Flag of Portugal Portugal
28 Flag of Iceland Iceland
29 Flag of Lithuania Lithuania
30 Flag of Albania Albania
31 Flag of France France
32 Flag of Macedonia Macedonia
33 Flag of Moldova Moldova
34 Flag of Russia Russia
35 Flag of Latvia Latvia
36 Flag of Belgium Belgium
37 Flag of Georgia Georgia


Semifinal 1

Table key
     My qualifiers that are qualified in ESC 2014
     My qualifiers that aren't qualified in ESC 2014
     My non-qualifiers that are qualified in ESC 2014
# Country Artist Song Result
1 Flag of Albania Albania Hersi Matmuja One Night's Anger 10
2 Flag of Armenia Armenia Aram MP3 Not Alone 6
3 Flag of Azerbaijan Azerbaijan Dilara Kazimova Start A Fire 5
4 Flag of Belgium Belgium Alex Hirsoux Mother 16
5 Flag of Estonia Estonia Tanja Amazing 7
6 Flag of Hungary Hungary Andras Kallay-Saunders Running 1
7 Flag of Iceland Iceland Pollaponk No Prejudice 9
8 Flag of Latvia Latvia Aarzemnieki Cake to Bake 11
9 Flag of Moldova Moldova Cristina Scarlat Wild Soul 4
10 Flag of Montenegro Montenegro Sergej Cetkovic Moj svijet 12
11 Flag of Netherlands Netherlands The Common Linnets Calm After the Storm 14
12 Flag of Portugal Portugal Suzy Quero ser tua 15
13 Flag of Russia Russia The Tolmachevy Sisters Shine 13
14 Flag of San Marino San Marino Valentina Monetta Maybe 8
15 Flag of Sweden Sweden Sanna Nielsen Undo 2
16 Flag of Ukraine Ukraine Maria Yaremchuk Tick-tock 3

Semifinal 2

Table key
     My qualifiers that are qualified in ESC 2014
     My qualifiers that aren't qualified in ESC 2014
     My non-qualifiers that are qualified in ESC 2014
# Country Artist Song Result
1 Flag of Austria Austria Conchita Wurst Rise Like A Phoenix 15
2 Flag of Belarus Belarus TEO Cheesecake 9
3 Flag of Finland Finland Softengine Something Better 7
4 Flag of Georgia Georgia The Shin and Mariko Three Minutes to Earth 13
5 Flag of Greece Greece Freaky Fortune ft. Riskykidd Rise Up 8
6 Flag of Ireland Ireland Can Linn ft. Kasey Smith Heartbeat 1
7 Flag of Israel Israel Mei Finegold Same Heart 3
8 Flag of Lithuania Lithuania Vilija Matačiūnaitė Attention 14
9 Flag of Macedonia North Macedonia Tijana To The Sky 2
10 Flag of Malta Malta Firelight Coming Home 12
11 Flag of Norway Norway Carl Espen Silent Storm 6
12 Flag of Poland Poland Donatan & Cleo My Slowianie 11
13 Flag of Romania Romania Paula Seling & Ovi Miracle 5
14 Flag of Slovenia Slovenia Tinkara Kovac Spet/Round and Round 4
15 Flag of Switzerland Switzerland Sebalter Hunter of Stars 10

Points giving

The points are given based on his first impression of the songs.

Semifinal 1

12 points Flag of Sweden Sweden
10 points Flag of Hungary Hungary
8 points Flag of Estonia Estonia
7 points Flag of Armenia Armenia
6 points Flag of Ukraine Ukraine
5 points Flag of Azerbaijan Azerbaijan
4 points Flag of Moldova Moldova
3 points Flag of Iceland Iceland
2 points Flag of Albania Albania
1 point Flag of San Marino San Marino

Semifinal 2

12 points Flag of Romania Romania
10 points Flag of Macedonia North Macedonia
8 points Flag of Ireland Ireland
7 points Flag of Slovenia Slovenia
6 points Flag of Israel Israel
5 points Flag of Finland Finland
4 points Flag of Norway Norway
3 points Flag of Belarus Belarus
2 points Flag of Poland Poland
1 point Flag of Austria Austria

Big 6

12 points Flag of Spain Spain
10 points Flag of Denmark Denmark
8 points Flag of United Kingdom United Kingdom
6 points Flag of Italy Italy
4 points Flag of Germany Germany
2 points Flag of France France
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